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The Mike Eldar Case - An Israeli "State Security" fiasco

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This is Mike Eldar, retired Israeli navy captain, author and journalist. Mike published 13 books, two of which were banned by Israeli court for so called "state security" reasons. Following a four year legal strugle, after being interogated for "severe espionage", Mike's books had been released.
Mike's story can be found in several web sites, such as TIP.CO.IL. Searching his name by Gooogle will reveal most "secret" epizodes of the strugle.
The two books "Flotilla 11 - the citation battele" and "Dakar - the story of the Israseli submarine unit", were rleased, but the reason for the gag order remain a "secret" and the Israeli courts refuse to release them.
The books were released following a compromise Mike was forced to sign. If not, he would have been charged for "espionge"!
Thus, he agreed do delte "secret" parts from "Dakar". Is seems that the "State" won it's case - not so. The two books had been approved for publication by the military censor, and were banned after hundreds of copies had been sold. Deleting parts from "Dakar" created a situation in which two versions of the book coukd be found, and compared. Thus, the court, due to the state's demand, banned the fact that changes had been done - to prevent the enemy from comparing the books.
The gag order was another step in the March of follies, since all news papers and many web sites told the story - that the book had been changed. Several sites compared the two versions.
Further more, two officers: R.Adm, Lunz, former navy inteligence C.O, and Colonel Ben-David bosted in two newspapers that they won by deleting parts of the book. The fact that they did so is also under a gag order.
Worse of all - the Israeli High Court's web site comprise a decision saying that it can be published, besides the "fact that changes had been done". The fact that the site comprises the decision is also cncealed.  
I have been following the Eldar story for years, from an official position, and time has come to put an end to this fiasco. Here are some of the "secret" documents and articles concerning the case. 
I sugest you finf Hebrew readers since the story is more than a joke.

The following photos are "secret" court documents and "secret" news paper articles.

More "secret" documnets in the following photo pages