The Mike Eldar case

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This site will tell you the rediculous story about the Israeli author and journalist, navy Captain (res.) Mike Eldar. Mike served in the Israeli navy for 22 years and commanded nany vessels and units. During his service, Eldar wroye 3 children books, and after retiring, behan writnig books about the navy.

Eldar published "Foloilla 13" about the Israeli navy commando unit - a best seller in Israel. The following books, "Flotilla 11 - the citation battle", about the navy landing unit, and "Dakar - the story of the submarine unit", published in 1996, and 1997, were banned after selling hundreds of copies.

Both books had been aproved for publication bt the Israeli military censor, and banned due to a demand from field security, using the "Officaial Secret Act". Eldar was accused for "Espionage" and was forced to fight in all court levels. Finely, under a threat to press charges, a "compromise" was aceaved - Eldar will delete parts form the book "Dakar" and a new edition will be published. This fact was concealed by courts order, so the enemy will not compare the two versions of the book...

Eldar was forced to agree not to sue the officials involved, and all charges were dropped. Thus, a new "Dakar" book was on the market with about 1200 okd copies - and no one compared...

In no time several web sitse, such as TIP.CO.Il compared the two versions and several journalists wrote about the fact that one can find two books. The fiasco grew bigger when Colonel Yoav Ben David, chief of field security. he who demanded the gag orders on the books and the fact of the "changes" bosted in "H'aaret'z - a main Isrseli news paper. that all the changes he demanded, were done. Later on, Rear Ad. Res. Avraham Lunz, had to show his "bravery" as well, and revealed the secret fact in another news paper.

The march of folies continued. Several months after "Dakar" was republished, with changes, the "state" approved the banned book "Flotilla 11" - comprising all the deleted facts from "Dakar".

Eladr apealed to court, to lift the gag order and was rejected. At this stage of affairs Eldar has apealed to Israeli High Court. Here one can find the peak of the fiasco sinc he who wants, will find a 4 year old High court ruling, in appeal 198/99 saying that the ruling can be published, besides the fact of the chnges in the book. 

Now the State demanded a gag order on this fact as well.

If you read Hebrew, or have friends who can translate for you, then read the following High Cort ruling and go to TIP.CO.IL to read more about this crazy story.  




The following page comprises a "secret" list - the subjects deleted from the first edition of "Dakar and the stoy of the Israerli submarine unit".

The list comprises of:

1. Page 135 - Using a "Q ship" during the 1973 war. The "Naharia" a merchant ship was equipt with a batary of Gabriel ses to sea misiles and a 40 mm cannon and sent to Bab-El-Mandeb. The ship was not used in battle. The

2. Page 143 - Dismanteling the coast observation bases and the coastline patrols.

3. Page 162 - Navy command operations in Syrian ports before 1982.

4. Page 163 - A submarine targeting a missile boat to shore targets

5. Page 163 - Deploying an under water scooter through a submarins torpedo hole.

6. Page 169 - A map of Israeli navy deployment in the 1982 war.

7. Page 162-169 - Submarine operations in Syria during the 1982 war.

8. Page 173-175 - Operating shor mines by rempte control from a submarine.

The following Hebrew list has  the military approval on it, but regardless this fact, it is atill banned.

Letters of protest to Israeli officials (Prime Minister etc) by many international orgs. You can do so as well.

more info to come.

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